my story

Hello! I am an 18 year old photographer and filmmaker living in San Diego, California. I began my career behind the camera at age 11, photographing family, close friends, and other places and things I found interesting. My passion for photography at such a young age was recognized early on, as I was featured in a national commercial for Best Buy in 2012 for my Instagram feed. With social media as my vehicle, I have found a loyal support of followers who have inspired me to further myself as both a photographer and filmmaker.

after experimenting with photography, i soon discovered that i could tell stories with motion pictures. i began playing with different mediums of filmmaking, first experimenting with stop motion, and then combining my passion for film and love of music together to create simple music videos. now, i am signed with adolescent, a production company located in los angeles representing youth directors. working with such experienced and inspiring people has been such a life changing opportunity for me to grow as a director and filmmaker, and to expand my knowledge and love for the visual arts. so far, i have directed national commercials/short films for companies such as disney, hasbro, american girl, target and Netflix.

i am will be attending Chapman university this coming fall so that i may continue to learn the craft of filmmaking, inspire others and share my love for the beauty of still and motion pictures.

thank you so much for stopping by!